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Unable to download modern websites

Hasn’t been updated in a year. Poor performance. Absolute waste of money and time. Can’t view photos.

Works perfectly fine

This works perfectly fine for cloning a website. People who are having problems must be targeting sites that attempt to protect their content from being automatically harvested.

does not work

only shows “failed with error code -1007 (too many HTTP redirects)”. how do I get my money back? :)

Crashed on first use after sending 50 sites - lost all my work

Lost hours thanks to this app on my first use when it crashed and hadn’t autosaved a thing.

SiteSucker is an excellent resource

Thanks for this wicked app. Thanks for being so creative and putting it together.

Missing Photos

When I first purchased this a couple years back it was exactly what I needed… This program enabled me to completely rip a company website in order to provide hard evidence of legal infringements… But now that I don’t do that any more I’ve started collecting images from all over the internet… and I thought this program would be the perfect way to grab all the images from a site… Boy, was I disappointed! Two days ago I started ripping a “blogspot” blog I knew had a lot of images but as on a few minutes ago (and over 1GB of files that I don’t want) I finally stopped it because I haven’t gotten a single image in all that time! I’m willing to accept the fact that the program IS still really good and I just didn’t have the settings where they should be… I tried going through the “manual” to fine tune the process but nothing has worked right… Other reviews have expressed similar frustration when trying to grab all the images from a website. If there were more explicit instructions on how to grab only the images from a site then I (and possibly some of the other bad reviews) would most likely give a higher rating.

Did not import images

SiteSucker only downloaded the index, style, and scripts docs, but nothing else—NONE of my hundreds of images at all. I notice in the reviews that others have had the same experience.

Hoovered Blogger site to allow for presentation of portfolio offline

Hoovered a Blogger site to allow for presentation of a portfolio offline. That was right out of the box. Best $5 I’ve spent in a long time.

There is a serious bug in the software. Due to server 503 error, sitesucker deletes all the files I

There is a serious bug in the software. Due to server 503 error, sitesucker deletes all the files I have downloaded! ! !

unable to show photos

I bought SiteSucker to save my online art portfolio offline, and it was completely unable to show the images AND the page. Icon links that I had were blown up to the size of the screen, and images I had of my art were replaced with blank boxes. I am really disappointed with this app and did not even end up getting anything from it. If only there were refunds...

This doesnt work with https site with credential on page

I thought it will be nice tool to download a site which i needed for offline reading but it doesnt do the job.

There isn’t ANYTHING like SiteSucker...

I am very savy when it comes to tech and web. I will say that whatever you’re using SiteSucker for, it will work. You will love SiteSucker more than any downloader app, like Folx or Downie. Why you ask? Because it actually downloads the entire resource kit on the server. Thank you SiteSucker!

Didn’t think it would live up to the reviews

I’m a web developer, and I had an unusual request — to clone a website. Normally the process of recreating a website can take hours, even with the assistance of the built-in browser Save Page As feature for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. That’s because the browser built-in save doesn’t usually save all of the necessary javascript files, or else it misses just random assets or doesn’t link things properly. There’s also the unfortunate naming issues for the directories for each of the files that need to be redone. All of that adds up in time. I was looking for a way to cut out that nonsense, so that I can focus on doing quality assurance and making sure that what was saved could be adapted for the client’s use. Some Google searching led me to this app. (There were also a lot of Windows based apps, but I’m a Mac user, so none of those were real options.) I’m going to be honest: I was 100% skeptical when I came across the author’s poorly designed website and when I came to this App Store app page where there were only 12 reviews…and 9 of them seemed to be 5 star reviews that I couldn’t tell if they were real or fabricated. (An odd world we live in when you have to question the validity of everything you read.) After reading every review, I figured I would just give it a chance. $5 after all would be well worth my money if it could save me hours of work — and worst case scenario, I just lost $5 and would have to skip out on my cup of coffee later. So I paid for this app and downloaded it and installed it. And then I fed it the URL directory that I needed cloned, and I waited around for about 3-5 minutes while it did its thing. (I was a little surprised how many files it was downloading.) When it was done, I went to see what it had done. Opening the folder I found the entire directory of the website completely cloned — everything from every HTML file to the different folders to the javascript files to the css files to the image files. It was crazy. It looked like I had just downloaded via FTP an entire directory of files that I wanted; this was nothing like using the Save Page As function built-in for web browsers. Needless to say, it worked. This worked. This is the first review for an App I’ve ever written, but I figured since this app just saved me about 14 hours of work, I would spend a few minutes to write a review. Cheers Rick, whoever you are and wherever you are. Thank you for a brilliant app. I would suggest considering an update to your app website and app icon; polish those up and I could honestly say this should be a must-have app for developers. For the developers out there, I’m assuming this app just does the WGET work for you in a really nice and neat manner. Personally, I can code websites and love designing, but I’m not too comfortable with UNIX commands. This App was exactly what I needed though. Well worth the $5.

Saved A Legacy

Use this software in hopes of saving a friend’s life work. A friend of mine had created an online classroom with different lessons pulling links from different storage sites and backups. This project would have been a complete nightmare had it not of been for SiteSucker. We even tried other resources and non could get past the password login screen. With site sucker there is actually a built in browser that allows you to load the site and login using your credentials and then site sucker can do it’s magic. The seller is extremely responsive and very helpful. When I was stuck trying to download the site and was getting errors in site sucker, Rich emailed me back what the issues were and on top of that, created a custom site sucker profile that I could use to download the site without errors. It’s very uncommon to find that level of communication and stellar customer service in this day and age. Thank you again Rich for such an amazing piece of software.

Great utility!

SiteSucker works beautifully! There are many settings available to help the software deal with the many website configurations out in the wild web. I had a question about the settings and the author, Rick, was quick to respond and help me setup the software properly. You can download an entire site or any portion of it. Highly recommended and well worth the nominal charge!

Years of use; happily purchased

I first used SiteSucker years and years ago to better understand how other web developers were coding their pages. Ever since, I’ve always come back to handle archives, snapshots, etc. You get what you pay for!


I have been using this for school… old html pages that are difficult to navigate + backing up sites from evil hosting providers. Thanks ! :D

Didnt work for me

I couldn’t get this to work for me. I tried to download my WIX website to use it in a presentation where there won’t be any internet and could not get any pages that looked like my website to download.

Incredibly powerful tool, incredibly responsive developer

I've used SiteSucker for years and it is incredibly powerful. If anything the only downside is it's hard to learn how to utilize all the powerful features. To that end, it's developer has always been incredibly responsive and helpful. Five stars for sure.

"Ignore Robot Exclusions” not working

I’m sorry, but I was not able to get this app to work on a particular web directory. By default, SiteSucker honors all web pages that have use robot.txt files. Yes… There is a user override option under Preferences > "Ignore Robot Exclusions" but it still did not work for me. I found better success with FireFox and the "DownThemAll!" extension… It was free, and it works great.

Efficient, intuitive and useful

For years I have noticed websites I used to visit disappearing from the web.. I needed an easy way to keep websites locally and prevent losing access to them forever. SiteSucker does exactly what I need in an interface that is straightforward and efficient. It puts the entire website into a folder and preserves the links, so you can find the “Downloads” HTML file that it generates and browse the list of websites you have downloaded just as if they were on the web.

It just download texts!

It is waste of money! I tried it with two website and it just downloaded the text in that website! there was no Image in the oofline version, not even in the folder that the websites were downloadeed there! Do not pay for this app at all!

Only downloaded HTMLs, not worth it.

Gave this a try and set up settings correctly, but this app only pulled HTMLs. Waste of money and no refund.

Just gets better and better

This is my prefered tool for downloading local copies of my websites. Often we go to conferences or shows and need to demonstrate things on our site. But often the internet access at those same shows is terrible or very expensive. With this website downloading tool, you can put a local copy on any computer or tablet and run it locally. It is fantastic. Also I use it to check for broken links on my sites becuase you don’t have to download the site in order to check it. And with the updates, it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you Rick Cranisky for maintaining and improving this.


I always come back to give this app 5 stars! It does exactly what it says. I do not know any other tool that does this. Thank you developer!

Simple and sweet

Handy little app. does the trick quickly and easily. lots of options available if needed but you can just plug in a URL and fire away and it works.

Never got it working

Thought this would be a great solution, but it wouldn’t do anything before crashing. Tried for a week, but always crashed.

Correction of previous review!

The app does indeed download html; it is the user interface which needs work. The apparent crashing of the app could be aoided by scripting which indicates the files were downloaded and the app is now quitting. Instead it just closes with an error message regarding “closed unexpectedly.” The display box then empties of previously found files. Only later does one stumble upon them while looking for something else. Bottom line it does do what it says it does - it just doesn’t communicate well with the GUI.

Just Incredible

I don’t use this app often, but when I need it, I *really* need it — and it works perfectly. I spend a lot of time troubleshooting websites built by other people, and the ability to download the website to get hands-on with it is worth much more than the price of this app. It’s saved me many hours of frustration.

So useful, simple and fast

I have a lot of new clients who need their sites re-done and previous hosts/webmasters are AWOL and they have no access to their sites. SiteSucker has saved me tons of time and headaches. It’s been worth every penny.

Did not do the job for me...

Nice and easy to use, however, it did not download many of the pictures for me. The help files says that JavaScript is not supported which might be the root cause of my problem. But these days, which site do not have JS? It gives me a good start but I’m not sure it was worth the money.

Best application of its kind

This app is simply the best of its kind, especially for the price. I’ve used it now for a couple of years. I use this as a development tool for functional testing of web sites and for crawling sites to build load tests in JMeter. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars. Never again will I need to write a crawler script. For $5 it’s a super bargain.

Great Tool, Simple Yet Effective

Great easy to use tool for scraping web content. Used this recently to get all images from a site instead of downloading them one by one. As a developer I can write tools to scrape content, but why do that if this tool is so easy? Already got my $5 worth out of it. edit: Just wanted to update this to say there IS documentation. I previously made a statement about the lack of documentation. This is not the case, I was missing the docs because they were on the developers website and not inside the app. Just wanted to clarify that. All in all, fantastic tool to have in the toolbox. Well worth the $$.

Unique & Fantastic

Excellent software usefull when trying to extract information from the web and store it locally. I’ve been using this program long before it hit the app store. It has received constant updates and I find it to be very reliable. I also own the iPhone version.


This is a very good app, and Rick’s customer support is excellent.

Does not do anything!

The app downloaded just the top level files and nothing else! Why pay $$ for that I can simply save the page from the File Save menu.

Did exacly what I needed

I have a MediaWiki site and I found out the host is closing down. Panic time, all that work, all that data… What the heck was I suppose to do. A Google search lead me directly to this applications and it worked!!! I had to use the browser mode to be able to login to the site, and once I had that figured out it “just worked.” I am one happy camper. Thank your SiteSucker for allowing me to archive hundreds of hours of work.

Wonderful support!

I’m a rather novice user to regex and applescript, so it was a pleasant surprise when I contacted Rick Cranisky with a question about how to best use the product and he responded within 24 hours with a complete script and strategy for completing the task I had been assigned. Amazing! Usually I would give this 4 out of 5 stars, because the app itself did require the use of Applescript to automate the download of multiple pages from within one site (e.g. a range of pages). But with Rick’s amazing support, I simply had to give this 5 stars. Ask a question about the product and get a customized applescript file and sitesucker file that does exactly what I needed it too? Amazing! Thank you Rick!

Easier than downloading file by file

So this app is amazing. I’m going to school to be a web developer and I love this app! I am able to download a site and see how the css and javascript work with the html!!!! NO longer do I need to copy and paste from the resources window which can be long and arduous. NOTE: It will not download a site that has a “robots.txt” file in it. All you haters out there: that’s what robot files do silly! It will also not download PHP files. No one can download PHP files!!! 5 Starts well deserved all around

non functional

I purchased this app, downloaded, fired up, and entered a website address per the online support manual. Pressed the ‘download’ button, and a brief flicker of life appeared in the status bar… and then nothing. No files downloaded, no files remaining, no errors… just *crickets*. This is for a website that is full of rich content, photos, etc in the subpages. I reviewed the support manual, but I didn’t see any troubleshooting or guidance that would help. Perhaps I’m missing something, but as of now: SiteSucker gives me zero value, and I’m hoping for a refund.

Got spooked by the Robots.txt warning, don’t know how well it works

Figured I’d better not ignore the robots.txt warning so I didn’t get to really use it.

Exactly what I needed!

I have successfully stored seven years of a family blog site with this app. Thanks very much to the developer. I initially had trouble with some pictures downloading properly since I was using a SquareSpace site. After asking the dev for assistance he made recomendations for the download settings and also put out a new version that would solve the SquareSpace issues. That is definitely going above and beyond. Thank you!

Wasted $5

I wasted $5. Wish I never bought this program. I needed a backup of my website. Didn’t download the complete site. Worthless. I would have done a better job downloading each page individually.

Worked Perfectly

I had a meeting to attend in just a few minutes but I realized that I won’t have internet and I need an entire website as a reference. In 5 minutes I was able to instlall Site Sucker, download the site (with all images and formatting) and have a fully operational offline version. Very happy with this product!

NO Support!

It won’t download imges (JPG, GIF, PING, only HTML files. I have try the instruction many time and many URLs. It just won’t downlad any images. i am sure i am doing somthing wrong, bcause this is what this softeare is made to do. But there is no support to find out what I am doing wrong. Number one rule: If the developer doesen't have support contact on its website DO NOT BUY their software. NO support NO money!

wow. best 5$ ever spent

I’m a small web developer & this just saved me hours and hours of work digging through an old hosting site. Its a magic button of pure awesome. I don’t ever write reviews. but you guys deserved it. thank you!

My New Found Love!

Where have you been all my life.. I’ve looked high and low and finally found you. I love the tool and the ability to download whole websites with ease. Software does everything as described.

Can’t believe it’s free!

I’ve been using this occasionally for the last eight years or so! Always worked perfect for me. Thanks Rick!


Rick, you’re a stud. THanks - you’ve made my life so much easier. ……Frequently updated and works phenomenally! To the developer, I truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve dedicated to this app.

Fast and Accurate

SiteSucker is easy enough to use right away and has enough options to specify exactly what to download. This is especially useful to get exactly what you need, and to avoid downloading too many extraneous files. It’s fast!

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