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I just wanted to thank you guys so much for this app. Its the best in its genre, and its so much faster and easier than having an app to download videos or read pages later.. Thanks :)

The perfect site downloader...

Reliable, easy to use, fast, and fully adjustable to any needs. I use it since many years, no problems. I dont want to look for other softwares.

Update solved Problems

Everything works great now. Very fast bug fixing. Ive tested a couple of other programs but SiteSucker works the best and very fast.

Please fix Appstore-Bug!

Since you’ve released 2.5.2 the Appstore updated it every day when searching for new versions - this depends only at three of dozens of programs I’ve got installed and it’s pesky! I suppose SiteSucker didn’t tell the system successfully that it’s updated!? Thanks in advance for your support, if it’s fixed I’ll pimp up to more stars.

does not work at all for me

The tool does download the one site I tell it to download. But it does not download a single link mentioned on that site. poor work for 5€!

Don’t buy!

It does not work at all.

Just Perfect

This app served me well for more than a year. Its light, simple, yet so powerful and customizable. I remember a job that my client didnt knew how to export a copy of his old website so I could work on it. SiteSucker saved me on this one. Not only did it found all the subdomains, hidden pages and old versions of the current site, when it finished the main site, it started to download associated domains like .ca, .jp and .eu, over 230000 files in less than a hour. Just amazing! Nothing was missing. This little app is impressive. Its a must-have for any graphist or web designer. The only downside is that it ignores links specified within JavaScript, which is a rarer pratice so its not much of a bother.

The best out there

Ive been using this app for almost as long as I can remember. It works well and if your willing to figure out the scripting, you can get pretty much exactly what you want. One of its key features is the localization of sites. Ive even used it to create localized versions of some of our web apps to be standalone versions for demonstration purposes. Another strong use is if you have a site that is currently in a CMS that you no longer want to use. By sucking the site and creating the localized version, it is much easier to import it into a new CMS or web tool. Very good to have for when you need it. I often recommend this to friends.

Exactly what I was searching for!

Site Sucker was the instant answer to my problem: Id hired a web designer who turned out to be a hack. I needed to back up the site he did for me fast - before he took it down from its temporary location. I was employing a lawyer to get my money back, and I needed the site to back up my case. In about 2 minutes, Id found out about Site Sucker, downloaded it and used it to back up the site by simply pasting in the URL. Amazing. And I can view it in the browser of my choice. Nothing new to learn, just a great and useful app. I have since used it to download sites I wanted to read in detail, or use for research. Browsing is super-fast and sometimes I do enjoy working offline without any distraction from email. Im definitely going to try the new iPhone app - I suspect its really useful for slow connection situations! Thanks, Site Sucker!!!

Cant say enough good about this tool!

Ive used Site Sucker for a while now to generate offline versions of websites. Ive used it to make an archive of a database-driven website that would load in any browser from CD. Ive used it to back up websites I want to show in presentations so I have the fastest loading times and no margin for error. Ive used it to back up and archive old client websites before a redesign so we capture the entire old site for all time and nothing is lost. Simply enter a URL, set the options, and press the button. Before too long youll have a perfect offline copy of the site : )


So slick! I love it!

Amazingly simple

This app is perfect for what I needed! It even downloads images referenced by css files which some other website downloaders dont do.

Perfect! Should Be a Paid App!

Does exactly what it says. Really helped me out to get an offline portfolio together. Great job!


App wont open and crashes immediately!


cannot open this app in mountain lion

A real life saver!

Absolutely love this app and have found it truly useful when trying to figure out the contents of a large, multilingual corporate site that had been abandoned and needed to be fixed. SiteSucker saved the day and has continued to be of great use! Would never give it up!

Doesn’t work

Be careful. Some sites simply won’t download. The one site I purchased this tool for won’t download!

Saved Me Time

I was able to use SiteSucker to download a large site to run locally. Rick at SiteSucker support was immensly helpful and went above and beyond to support their product. This was a huge time saver and the tool let me do some advanced RegEx which was very awesome. There really is no other tool like it for OSX that does a great job as this (I have looked at other tools and SiteSucker is the best).


Great app to have in the toolbox. I don’t need it often, but when I do, it really comes through. I haven’t tried this version yet, but previous experience with the previous versions have my confident.


Seems technically impressive, but lacking a clear user interface. I wanted to download a section of a website e.g. that links to the main so I understand why it downloaded the whole website. If we all buy it the developer can pay for a nice icon and pay attention to the user interface. I would bet 19/20 users enter a web address and click download- does the main UI need to be more complicated that that? Then I go back and want to browse what I downloaded, which is under the downloads menu, easy but not deserving of an icon on the main toolbar?

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